The End

Well, maybe a little too dramatic?  Of course this is not “The End.”  But this SCOTUS decision is the last needed nail in the coffin.  Read about it here and here and here.  This is not an unexpected decision.

What makes this the “Beginning Of The END” as we know the United States to have been is that the amount of money even just the very largest corporations have to spend on political advocacy ads is so much greater than the amount that a shrinking union base has to spend.

The United States is already a corporatacracy.  This ruling will only give the large corporations more power.

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3 Comments on “The End”

  1. ssilhouette Says:

    Hey, can’t for some reason post over at TMV today. And I notice that many of the left-leaning or moderate posters are completely absent from posting like they normally do.


    Wonder if it has anything to do with the New World Order under today’s SCOTUS ruling?

  2. Chief Says:


    You are obviously much more influential than you realized.

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