I am new to Facebook.  Less than 48 hours ago I joined.  B, a long time family friend, bugged me to join so I could see pics of her first and only granddaughter.

One of the reasons I had never joined any social networking was because of privacy issues.  So, when I came across this NYT story today, via The Moderate Voice, I checked my settings and found that only the last one could have caused more grief than I need.

This article is important and needs to be read by everyone.  Here is why:

While you may think these sorts of items aren’t worth your time now, the next time you lose out on a job because the HR manager viewed your questionable Facebook photos or saw something inappropriate a friend posted on your wall, you may have second thoughts. But why wait until something bad happens before you address the issue?

Considering that Facebook itself is no longer looking out for you, it’s time to be proactive about things and look out for yourself instead. Taking a few minutes to run through all the available privacy settings and educating yourself on what they mean could mean the world of difference to you at some later point…That is, unless you agree with Facebook in thinking that the world is becoming more open and therefore you should too.

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