Guilty Of Premeditated, First Degree Murder

I saw this first at The Moderate Voice, but their comment system would let me comment, so I will do so here.

As of today, as of the day Mr. Roeder committed the act for which he was convicted and for thirty plus years preceding that heinous act, a woman’s right to choose has been the law of the land.

If a person does not agree with the ‘law’ there are ways to make that opposition known in a peaceful, non-violent way.

There are things at the intersection of The Law and Politics with which I do not agree.  The ballot box is one way to express yourself.  Another would be to get enough like minded people to conduct a non-violent protest similar to what Dr. King advocated.

But violence and murder are never, I say NEVER, under consideration.

Mr. Roeder was wrong if he thought that he was somehow appointed by some higher power as the executioner of Dr. Tiller.

As an aside: My belief is that only people that can have a baby should be the only ones that have a ‘vote’ on this subject.

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