Hypocrites and Whackos


I was over at Salon reading Joe Conason and the post at the top is about

Mike Vanderboegh is the far-right activist from Alabama who gained sudden notoriety when he posted a message this week urging his fellow extremists to smash the windows of Democratic politicians to protest healthcare reform — a wingnut Kristallnacht.

. . .

“So, if you wish to send a message that Pelosi and her party cannot fail to hear, break their windows,” Vanderboegh wrote on a blog called Sipsey Street Irregulars.

So, I moseyed on over to the web site mentioned above, and which I will not link to, and realized that this guy is not only a hypocrite but he cannot do fourth grade math.  He talks about “3 percenters”  and then comes up with a number that equals just one percent.

So I left the following comment there (it’s doubtfull he will have the intestinal fortitude to allow it to be published):

I am curious.  How many years did you spend in the U.S. military?  How many months or years did you experience combat, as part of the U.S. Military?

For the record, I am a Senior Chief Petty Officer, United States Navy (Retired) with 21 years active service and 35 months deployed in combat zones.

From everything I can find out about you, you are a coward, a keyboard commando, who collects a disabiliyy check because you are too lazy to work and expect the taxpayer to support you.

You are a hypocrite of the first order when you bitch and want to destroy the very system that is supporting you.  Or, perhaps, you are just too dumb to understand that.

I have come to the conclusion that

  • the folks that spout this hate are racist
  • they can do real, but very limited damage
  • are like lemmings following their leader off of a cliff
  • are helping the Democrats stay in the majority for a long time

Unfortunately, these folks are not going away soon or quietly.  We just need to remember that they are pissed-off, white male, high school grads who do not think they should have to compete with women or people of color for jobs.  Jobs are their birthright    /snark.

UPDATE:  Mr Vanderboegh has another ten or so comments posted since I left mine, but he would not publish mine.  Coward, comes to mind.

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