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Matt Taibbi has a post up at True Slant titled The Catholic Church is a Criminal Enterprise.  It is a strongly written piece, written with an economy of words that the church has orchestrated a cover-up of the pedophilia that has been going on for decades, maybe even centuries.

Full Disclosure: I, similar to Matt, was raised as a Catholic until I was ten or eleven or so.  To my knowledge, I was never alone with a priest and can positively say that I was never sexually abused by anyone.

Well, if you think that the vitriol as expressed by the TEA Baggers was strong, well you ain’t seen nothing yet.  The TEA Baggers are pikers compared to the deep seated loathing and revulsion displayed in the comments to Matt’s post.

My mom is Catholic. She had 5 kids. You’d think she’d be outraged; ranting and railing at the hierarchy for answers about how they’ve handled things. But noooo, she’s not outraged, she’s just “very sad” and treats the ever mounting cases that come to light as aberrations. How many cases have to be uncovered before people like my mom will admit that this is a systemic problem, and that their very own church is sick at the core? Well, that’s brainwashing for ya.

I told mom that when I was in elementary school, (in the 60’s) I used to hear the boys in the schoolyard warning each other which priests not to be caught alone with. Their discussions came off to me as matter of fact.

But then too, at that age it was just another matter of fact, that half the Catholic population, those born without penises, werent ever going to be deemed worthy enough to perform most of the church rituals or reach rank of note within the hierarchy. So all these little catholic kids are raised with the understanding that spirituality is largely about genitalia. Sexual discrimination is another reason the Catholic church should not be state subsidized. And when sexual discrimination is systemic to a religious organization, it constitutes systematic spiritual abuse.

When a child is molested it is a hideous thing. When a child is molested by a priest, it’s doubly hideous, because it’s sexual abuse coupled with spiritual abuse.

I love your idea about using RICO to break up this giant gang of spiritual terrorists.


Far from being the normal failings of fallible humans, however, the current problems facing the Catholic church have veered into the realm of the truly sickening. I once lived in a town with a school for the deaf. Deaf children have an astonishingly difficult childhood. They are often sent to boarding school at a very young age. Their disability makes them especially vulnerable because most danger signals come in the form of sound. I would see these kids struggling to cope with their fears and it would break my heart. So when I learned last week that one of the sick fucks in the employ of the Catholic church preyed on deaf children at a boarding school, I became utterly enraged.

So to all those Catholics out there I say, “Stop calling yourselves Christians until you solve the basic problem of your absolutely vile and disgusting clergy. This is a problem that will NOT be solved until you folks stop requiring your clergy be sexual perverts.

Firing Benedict will not be nearly enough. Until the Catholic church abandons their requirement for a “celibate” clergy, they will always be a rogue and outlaw institution and the rest of us must treat them as such.


Yes We seriously need to RICO the Catholic Church – they ARE a Criminal or Criminally-involved organization. I learned that when I noticed huge donations to my church from a well-known NY Mafia Crime family. RICO was used before to convict the mafia members but let the Church go free – even though we all know that the Church has been complicit with mafia crimes for decades. “Agents even admit to dropping snooping devices into a confessional at a Roman Catholic church frequented by mobsters, as well as a church candlestick holder and a church men’s room.” But too many politicians (DAs) “fear” the Catholic church – well start putting them in jail – and removing their Tax-exempt corrupt political donations – and there will be a lot less to fear, for all of us. “

There are a lot more, 131 at last count, comments on Matt’s piece.  Most are a good read.

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