Atrocities – War Crimes II

This morning I watched the helicopter gun camera video on DemocracyNow that WikiLeaks released of that helicopter killing at least twelve unarmed Iraqi civilians, including two Reuter’s employees.  If the two morally bankrupt U.S. Army personnel in the Apache helicopter are the best the U.S. military can do, we, as a nation, are well on our way down that slippery slope to oblivion.

And, having already considered the one voice just asking the wounded Iraqi to pick up a weapon, so he could fire again, reflect on the white-wash report from DOD saying that the people in the helicopter did everything by the book.

Our presence, the United State’s presence, in both Iraq and in Afghanistan, are creating new enemies for our country every single day.  Those gun camera videos were exceptional not because they happened, that attitude pervades our soldiers that look down on the “towel heads” as inferior beings.  No that video was exceptional because some one in the U.S. Dept of Defense had the balls to send a copy to WikiLeaks so the world could see what happens every day the Bush/Obama made up war.

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