Coal Companies III

We have a cat.  I am talking about a particular cat.  He is a neutered male that weighs about 20 pounds.  He was born in a flower bed outside our house when we lived in southern Illinois, so that makes him about five or six years old.  This cat knows right from wrong.  He knows that he is not supposed to get on the kitchen table or on top of the microwave.  But he regularly can be found sprawled out on the kitchen table.

But, as soon as I come along and say “Shush” at him, he scurries off the table and onto a chair or the floor.

His name is Leo, but he should be named Don as in Don Blankenship, the CEO of Massey Energy.  They both act the same way.  Whether it is being on the table or providing fresh, breathable air to the mine face, they will only do it under pressure from some higher authority.

The US Mine Safety and Health Administration was gutted by the previous administration.  It is well past time for Congress to put some teeth and money into this agency.  From what I see on TV, all mine explosions are preventable.

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