My Choices

for Supreme Court nominee:

Arianna Huffington suggested Elizabeth Warren as the person to replace Justice Stevens.  I think she would be an excellent choice. Another person, although not a lawyer, that would make an excellent Justice is Melissa Harris-Lacewell.

UPDATE:  Another excellent choice would be Hillary Clinton.

Lest anyone think that I cannot find any excellent men candidates to fill the upcoming vacancy, let me explain.   The ‘law’ cannot be some highfalutin’ thing that is drawn up in a vacuum by a legislative body. The law has to have every-day, real-world applicability and it has to be ‘just.’  I believe the three women mentioned above, are not only bright enough to hold their own intellectually, with any current member of the court (and might embarrass one or two) but have seen the unjust application of laws written in vacuum.

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