The Absolute Hardest

thing I’ve ever had to do, was to visit Jack when he was terminally ill with pancreatic cancer.

Jack and I were more than co-workers.  We had desks about five feet apart.  I ran the computer shop.  Jack was a forester by education and was bringing new technology in the form of Geographic Information Systems to the outfit.  We worked together on this.  And we socialized in our free time.

From the time Jack was diagnosed in early January until he died on 25 February was just six weeks.

I literally had to force myself to go visit.  Why?  you ask?  Because what do say to someone who will be dead before they turn 48.  How does one have any kind of conversation under those circumstances.

Reference the Taking Care of Business post, the preliminary news re: my father in law is somewhere between “bad” and “devastating.”

Mrs. Chief has spoken with her mom and father-in-law has a mass, in her words, that has spread to the liver.  Apparently, surgery in the near future is next.  At age 85 any major surgery is problematic.

I will keep everyone appraised in future posts.

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