No Good News

For background, read this and this.

Now, it is Friday afternoon.  In the Taking-Care-of-Business post, I talked about my father-in-law.  The tests that have been run on him during the last nine days painted a bleak picture.

Their was an obstruction in his large intestine that had grown so large that he could not pass any fecal matter.  He was in a lot of pain.  The CT scan showed ‘spots’ on his liver, also.

About noon on Wednesday, 21 Apr, he was admitted to the hospital.  Severe abdominal pain, ashen gray in color, he had been up all night throwing up.

The Surgeon briefed him Wednesday evening, trying to put the best spin on bad news as possible without lying.  The plan was to get as much material out of his stomach and intestines as possible to give the surgeon a chance to put him back together and not have to use a colostomy bag.  The surgeon acknowledged the four spots on the liver and that some lymph nodes were swollen to about 4 mm.

While Mrs. Chief and I have been around enough to know where this was going, at least half the family members were in denial.

Today’s post-surgery report from the doctor was about as bad as it gets.

Doctor says he got the tumor removed that was obstructing the bowl and if the resection holds he’ll be able to pass solid waste normally.  That was as close to good news as there was.  Doc says that he could not remove all the cancer from the colon, there is cancer in the liver and in the lymph nodes.  Stage 4 was the term he used.  Even with chemo – maybe a year.

While Mrs. Chief has seen two aunts die of cancer, this, I’m afraid, will be much more up close and personal.

I wish there was a positive take away from this situation.  Something positive to be learned.  If there is, it escapes me.

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