It’s Who ?

I’m driving south on SR 66 in Ohio this afternoon after visiting my father-in-law, who is recovering from surgery, and I am listening to an interview on NPR.  The interviewer, who is female, is asking a man about the bills before Congress regarding Financial Reform.  And the man is replying.  And the more I listen the more I wonder who this shill for Wall Street is.  I wonder what lobbying firm hired him to damn with faint praise the efforts of Congress.

Then the interviewer begins a question with, “Mister Secretary . . .” and I realized she was speaking with Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner.  And then it dawned on me that he was not damning with faint praise.  He was actually praising this bucket of dog poop that is trying to be passed off as reform. Could Obama have picked a worse Secretary of the Treasury ?  Oh, wait, he could have picked Larry Summers.

And they’ve watered it down and watered it down until it resembles “love in a canoe coffee” and the Repubs still will filibuster it.

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