Conditioned ? ?

Or, perhaps, more accurately – pre-conditioned ??

I’m watching Rick Sanchez on CNN.  He’s talking about the situation in the eastern Med where the Israelis boarded a Turkish flag vessel and nine people died.  Rick interviews the Israeli ambassador to the U.S.  And Rick goes on with other guests/interviewees for over a half hour.

And all I hear is that the Israelis had to defend themselves.  That’s why they opened fire killing 9 and wounding 30.

Defend themselves?  I say again, Defend themselves?  The Israelis were the aggressors.  They are no better than the pirates off the coast of Somalia.  They broke the law by boarding a ship in international waters.  They were no where near the state of Israel.

But the American public has become so conditioned to believing what we do is Right and what Israel does is Right that no one questions the boarding of a vessel legally operating in international waters as being Wrong.

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