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When a ship is boarded in international waters, as happened here, it is called piracy.

And this might be called provocation.

These actions are not in any way in Israel’s best interest.  During the last half of the last century, Israel’s big-brother protector was the dominant world power.  Now, that former pre-eminent world power is one of several world powers, seeing as the U.S. squandered several trillions fighting useless wars in south central Asia.

Regardless of the number of nukes Israel has in her arsenal, there is no guarantee that the U.S./Israel/Europe will be on the winning side in World War 3.

Update: From GlennGreenwald’s 3rd update of today’s post:

One of the ships attacked by Israeli belonged to a Turkish aid organization, and it’s been reported that among the dead are at least two Turks.  Turkey today “warned that further supply vessels will be sent to Gaza, escorted by the Turkish Navy.” Among other things, Turkey is a NATO member with increasing tensions with Israel.  Amidst worldwide protests aimed at Israel and possible internal unrest if (as has been reported) Israeli Arab leaders were among the wounded or dead, it’s possible this incident could produce some serious unforeseen consequences for the Israelis.

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