Not That It Is Really Important

At least in the grand scheme of things, what happens in a game, a game of baseball, is really not all that important.  But. as I point out in this email that I sent to Keith Olbermann, it is eminently correctable.

I really liked that on Thursday, June 3, you only had one “Worst” person, Mr. Selig.
Background – I stopped following baseball when Pete Rose was excluded, banned or whatever from baseball and vowed not to follow the game (? – business) until Pete got into the Hall in Cooperstown.  As long as a used-car salesman is running baseball, I’ll watch the grass grow before a baseball game is on my TV.  And I will not got to a game because the major league games have been priced out of my income category.
Today – I think Mr. Selig should continue to be your Worst person.  Not really because of one missed call in a baseball game.  Heck there are hundreds, perhaps thousands of things more important than that.  No, it is because it is so easily and eminently correctable.

Bud Selig is still a used-car salesman.
It is better in the long run to correct an easily correctable wrong, than it is to let it fester.
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