What Is A Human Life Worth ?

This, from The Daily Standard of Celina, Ohio, Friday June 4, 2010.

CAPT fined for safety violations

Feb. 21  death of employee sparks OSHA investigation

by Margie Wuebker


CELINA – Celina Aluminum Precision Technology (CAPT) has been ordered to pay$6,000 in occupational safety fines stemming from the Feb. 21 death of an employee.

Julie Hovi, director of the Toledo office of the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), said the company located at 7059 Staeger Road, initially received $9,000 in fines for two violations identified during the course of an investigation.  However, the amount was reduced during an April 13 abatement conference between OSHA and CAPT representatives.

Hovi said the investigation is complete, but the case has not been closed as yet.

Killed in the incident was Mark A. fennig of Van Wert, an equipment service technician.  According to the OSHA report, Fennig was “troubleshooting a computer numerical controlled (CNC) machine when it activated, impaling his head in a tooling spindle.  His hard hat was knocked off in the process.

[ . . . ]

Hovi said the violations stem from the company’s failure to address lockout/tagout control of hazardous energy and to isolate the energy source.  The purpose of such procedures is to ensure no power goes to what Hovi calls “the danger zone,” eliminating the chance of an accidental startup.

It would seem to me that a company would have to pay significantly more in fines when a worker dies on the job due to negligence.  I mean a company can write a six thousand or a nine thousand dollar fine into their business plan and just make it a cost of doing business.  Hell, the shut down of production while the accident was being investigated cost CAPT far more than the $6,000 fine itself.

OSHA is not about protecting the middle-class, blue collar worker.  Not any more. No sireee.

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