Somebody Stole Our President

Wow ! !

That is a hard one to live up to.  But, let’s give it a go.

About two-and-a-half to three years ago, I read The Audacity of Hope by then-Senator Barack Obama.  I contrasted what I was reading to the stooge that was then the President.  I got enthused.  I felt that there was hope for the U.S. Constitution and the Republic it defines.  I wanted to see wrongs, righted.  I wanted a president that brought the feeling of pride back to being a citizen of the United States.

On my opinion, the speech that President Obama delivered from the Oval Office last night is the low-point in an otherwise un-stellar sixteen month presidency.

With 51% of the vote, Bush had a ‘mandate.’  With overwhelming majorities in both houses of Congress, President Obama acts like a timid school-boy.

Somebody is guilty of Grand-Theft-President.  The man that wrote The Audacity of Hope has been spirited away to a remote, undisclosed, desert island and replaced with a tepid, timid impostor.


From an article in Truthdig by Fred Branfman

Chomsky also observes that Obama could not have been elected in the first place, given his greater need for campaign funds from above than fidelity to his voters below, had he not been prepared to continue these imperial policies.

Kind of explains it all.

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