News & Changes

I guess “news” and “changes” could be one and the same.  For background read this.

My father-in-law had his first chemo treatment on 7 & 8 June.  Apparently, he took it well and had no negative side effects.  But every time Mrs. Chief and I see him, he looks to have lost more weight.  Mentally he hasn’t lost anything.  We were watching an acrobatic, show type airplane that was practicing near our house.  Father-in-law got a private pilot’s license using the GI Bill after WW2.  He loves flying and everything about airplanes.  Anyway, as the pilot turned a short final, he was way high, maybe six hundred feet of altitude a half mike from the approach end of the runway.  I said he’d scrub speed. True.   Father-in-law pointed out that he would gain speed by descending too fast.  Also, true. And shows a mental acuity.

Our youngest, a son, and his family moved in with us coming from western Illinois.  Daughter-in-law just graduated with a bachelor’s in Education and has passed the state certification test.  She has responded to vacancy announcements for teachers in a five county area.  Son has held assistant manager positions at several chain operations, such as Steak and Shake and Walgreens.  He also has extensive experience in the food business working at several restaurants including being a sous chef at a Disney restaurant at Epcot Center on Orlando.  So far, so good, but it takes some extra time for Mrs. Chief and me.  Hopefully, they will both have jobs soon and will be on their own.

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