Two of Our Friends ?

One would think that this if giving the Obama administration headaches.  Well, it might be giving some junior-level State Dept official with a poly sci degree a lot of heart-burn, but not the higher ups in Washington.

The United States and Israel are like Siamese twins joined at the abdomen.  Just looking at three recent events, only two of which received any media coverage, illustrates just how in bed the USA and Israel are.

The most recent event is the 31 May 2010 raid on the flotilla taking aid to Gaza.  The United States here and here showing a one-sided backing of Israel.

Regarding the “war” that began 24 days before Obama took office (from The Concentration Camp That Is Gaza)

Israel’s attack on Gaza, 27 December 2008 to 18 January 2009, conducted with tanks, artillery, military aircraft, helicopters, rockets, bombs and white phosphorus shells, as well as soldiers with the usual weapons, killed over 1,400 Palestinians. This murderous action by a well-protected, mechanised army against the Hamas government of Gaza, who had a few hundred fighters with rifles, was supported by Jewish civil and religious leaders in the UK and other countries. Since then, Israel has maintained its blockade that is starving Gaza as well as denying it medical supplies, fuel, electricity, construction materials and really, everything.

Israel maintains that the blockade is necessary to contain Hamas. Hamas is, of course, the legitimate, democratically-elected government of Palestine that emerged following elections that the United States and Israel promoted. It is irrelevant that the result was not what they wanted. Surely, the purpose of democratic elections is to express the wishes of the people. The US response to these elections demonstrated to the world that its mission to spread democracy to the benighted downtrodden of the world is a sham and a fraud. There are no people on earth more downtrodden than the Palestinians of Gaza. Indeed, most Gaza residents do not originate from there at all. Over three quarters of them were driven from their homes in Israel during past conflicts. They and their descendants are forbidden by Israel to return to their homes and lands that have usually been taken over by Jews. It is common crime – theft and murder – on a monumental scale.

The third item is little known but it is how the Palestinians in the West Bank were kept quiet during that “war.”  From Noam Chomsky’s  “Hopes and Prospects”

Armed and trained in Jordan, or in the occupied West Bank by Jordanian instructors with Israeli participation and supervision, General Dayton’s Palestinian Authority Security Forces (PASF) are described by Israeli journalist Gideon Levy as “subcontractors to the Israeli Security.”  Accurate enough, and from his pen that is not praise.  It is, however, a good reason the PASF is so admired by the Israeli army, by the Obama administration, and by U.S. journalists.

[ . . . ]

Charles Levinson, like others, reports that “the [PASF] won exceptional praise from Israeli officers for their effectiveness keeping a check on protests in the West Bank during the December -January Gaza War.”

I suppose our friendship with Turkey isn’t that important.

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