Is This A Mistake?

On June 9th, it was reported, the UN Security Council imposed new sanctions on Iran.

Then on July 1st, President Obama signed a new U.S. law that toughened U.S. sanctions regarding Iran’s importing of fuel.

And now this and this.

We, (we being the United States and their agents) are purposely backing Iran into a corner.  What do we expect Iran to do?  How do we think they will respond to this?

This is supposed to be a ‘carrot-and-stick’ type of thing.  But after all that has happened, all the negative history, since the CIA-run coup in 1953 that over threw a legally elected government.

Iran is working hard on developing a regional network of “friends” by expanding ties with Central Asian states and with Turkey.  From

In an effort to counter US attempts to geopolitically isolate Iran, officials in Tehran are trying to implement an ambitious program centering on trade and infrastructure investment in Central Asia and the Caucasus, two Iranian experts say.

Tehran is focusing most of its attention on areas with which Iran has strong cultural and historical ties, such as Tajikistan and western Afghanistan. But the strategy also involves other countries in the former Soviet Union, including Uzbekistan and Armenia. Tehran’s aim is to create a diffuse patchwork of regional ties and institutions that can serve as a counterweight to US geopolitical pressure, according to two Iranian academics, Mohsen Milani of the University of South Florida, and Abbas Maleki of the International Institute for Caspian Studies in Tehran. [For background see the Eurasia Insight archive].
The two outlined the Iranian countermoves at an April 5 talk in Washington, sponsored by the Central Asia Caucasus Institute at Johns Hopkins University.

Iran’s preferred mode of investment is via massive infrastructure projects. For instance, Iran is building the Anzab tunnel that will connect the northern and southern parts of Tajikistan, and will eventually provide a road corridor from China through Central Asia to the Persian Gulf. It is also constructing the Sangtudinskaya-II hydroelectric plant in Tajikistan as part of a total $700 million investment in electricity in that country.

Where is the United States going with this?  Might diplomacy work better than threats and embargoes?  Will we never learn?

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One Comment on “Is This A Mistake?”

  1. codecrackx15 Says:

    Diplomacy with Iran is a bit of an oxymoron. They are ran by a bunch of religious freaks that will never change their minds. The students and citizens love the US. I used to work with a couple people who came to america from Iran and they said that the problem there is the government and the fanatics.
    Embargoes and sanctions make it harder for Iran to import and with luck the people get fed up and overthrow this regime. I feel bad for the people who are under this regime but diplomacy with that government is useless. The back door fund Hezbolla (sp?) we shouldn’t even be acknowledging them on the world stage.
    I would suggest trying to get info from people who have actually lived under their rule. It is an eye opener for sure.

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