Basic Justice

This is not hard for me to understand.  I suppose the elite would consider me part of the “un-washed masses.”  Or just ‘cluck’ their tongue, you know the tsk-tsk sound and say I just don’t understand.  And why am I writing all this, you wonder?

This is a transcript of Attorney General Eric Holder’s remarks on 13 July in New Orleans on the Danziger Bridge indictments.  This is the graf on which I wish to focus

As our investigation of the Danziger Bridge incident shows, the Justice Department will vigorously pursue anyone who allegedly violated the law. Put simply, we will not tolerate wrongdoing by those who have sworn to protect the public. We will hold offenders accountable.

By everything that I have read, there was some awful wrongdoing in the aftermath of Katrina.  If these policemen have committed some wrongs, it is up to a jury of their peers to decide.

But, what really pisses me off is that there were a lot of higher ups in the recently departed Bush administration who were guilty of far more serious crimes than the alleged shooting of six, killing two, people on the Danzinger Bridge.

And while I am at it, how were the lower level and retired auto workers treated when the auto industry was being bailed out.  Union workers with no effective voice getting the shaft while the folks on Wall Street that caused the problems were walking away with hundreds of millions in bonuses.

This appears to be a pattern of the Obama administration:  Let the powerful,  politically well connected get away (“Looking forward, not backward”), while the ordinary citizen takes it in the shorts.

It smells of selective prosecution in New Orleans.

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