SunTan Johnnie Boehner

He has plans for how to govern (Oh, Gawd, I hope he never) if he becomes the Speaker of the House.  From WaPo:

Sometime after Labor Day, House Minority Leader John A. Boehner plans to unveil a blueprint of what Republicans will do if they take back control of the chamber. He promises it will be a full plate of policy proposals that will give voters a clear sense of how they would govern.

And from Kathy at TMV

A full plate of policy proposals? Okay, if you consider:

  • Repeal health care reform.
  • Repeal financial reform.
  • Repeal what remains of the stimulus.
  • Repeal Social Security.
  • Repeal Medicare.
  • Start a third war, this one against Iran. Triple the funding for the military.
  • Cut taxes for corporations and for the wealthiest Americans. Do not offset these cuts.
  • Raise the deficit and call it revenue.
  • Rail against the lazy, good-for-nothing unemployeds and homeless bums who would rather drink beer and watch football on tv, or sleep in a doorway, than get a job and work for a living.

to be policy proposals.

You can see the whole wonderful post over at TMV.  As usual Kathy did a fantastic job.  The only reason that I am shamelessly ripping it off is because I live in the Ohio 8th CD, the one Suntan Johnnie represents.

And for your evening enjoyment, let me add a picture, again ripped from another more successful blogger, of the good Mr. Boehner.

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