This Really Should Not Be News

RawStory has this piece about an upcoming WaPo 3-parter.  This surely should not be a big surprise.  And it should not be any surprise to those that pay attention.

DoD has always had a Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA), but it was relatively small until SecDef Cheney came along.  It positively exploded in size when Rumsfeld became SecDef.

If, and I must stress IF, the various administrations had managed the civilians that they appointed, there would be far fewer problems.  But, first DoD claimed it could not get answers from the CIA.  DoD needed funds to ‘grow’ DIA.

Then come Bush and the White House claimed (in private) that it couldn’t get the answers it wanted from the CIA.  The rest is what you’ll read in the Post.

The other part of the story even a lot of federal employees may not be aware of.

Up until I retired in 2003, I was a federal employee of the United States Forest Service.  With in two months of Bush II inauguration, the Office of Personnel Management (OPM) came out with a letter that might have been titled Circular-A70.  I am not positive about the title but what I am sure of was the intent.   Bush wanted to shrink the number of federal employees and outsource the work to private companies.  Jobs such as food preparation, security, computer support and so on that were not part of the core mission of the agency had to be justified with a cost benefit analysis.  I was lucky enough to retire before my position was affected.



From Glenn Greenwald:

As the NSA scandal revealed, private telecom giants and other corporations now occupy the central role in carrying out the government’s domestic surveillance and intelligence activities — almost always in the dark, beyond the reach of oversight or the law.

This is the gist of the problem.  Private companies so large, think: Halliburton, Blackwater, that there is no real competition when it comes to bidding on government contracts.  This is Bush’s legacy.

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