Connecting The Dots

If one wants to see a protest, or at any rate me protest, then they need to start screwing around w/ Social Security.

We have a budget deficit.  We collect barely enough tax money to pay for Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid.  I use the first two of those three.

The U.S. Dept of Defense already spends more on stuff than all the other countries in the world – combined.  That’s right the USA spends over 50% of the money for buying war making toys.

We are blowing $5 Billion a month in Afghanistan.  I have studied the subject and I cannot believe that “winning in Afghanistan” is going to be worth the bankrupting of the USA.

There are folks out there, like big fund managers on Wall Street that make more in an hour than I make in 15 years.  I’ve read that the top 10 fund managers average, that’s average, $900,000 per hour.  And The Republicans are saying we need to continue the Bush tax cuts?

$900,000 an hour is flat fuckin’ obscene.  You cannot use that kind of money, unless, of course, you want to buy a government, i.e. the U.S government.  That and the large foundations that control fund large think-tanks as MaHa points out in a comment to this post

* Sarah Scaife Foundation
* Roe Foundation
* Armstrong Foundation
* The Carthage Foundation
* Philip M. McKenna Foundation
* Lynde and Harry Bradley Foundation
* Shelby Cullom Davis Foundation

There’s your “ruling elite.”

We need to go back a few months to this post by digby where she speaks to how the elite will cut Social Security

Most importantly, talk of cutting social security right now would be hugely popular, so all the incumbent Democrats should be intensely interested in getting that issue on the agenda in an election year. Lord knows, there aren’t enough current problems to keep them busy.

Seriously, this is Shock Doctrine lunacy of the most obvious kind. Conrad and Bayh are out there saying it right up front. The government has poured trillions into the economy to save the banks and run useless wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and the old people and the poor are going to have to pay the price. That’s the way it works.

All the “serious” people, both Repubs and Dems plus the pundits are going to be lined up for the talk shows and the news casts saying how we MUST cut social programs because the deficit is out of control.

And I ask, nay, I am compelled to ask, why we can’t go back to a tax structure similar to what we had in the 1950s ?  What is wrong with people who have an income of millions and tens of millions of dollars a year paying, say, a 75% tax rate on everything over the $5 mil mark.  And maybe, oh, a 90% tax rate for everything over $20 mil.

This is pure bullshit where someone like Paris Hilton, who has inherited a huge fortune, pays no taxes.

Taxes on the rich must go up.  Taxes on the uber-rich must go up drastically.  Either that or we cut the Defense and Homeland Security budgets by 75%.  Take your pick.

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