Where Are The Adults ?

The latest manufactured controversy, after the ACORN and Van Jones thing, demonstrates a fundamental weakness of Obama and the folks that he has hired.  It would appear that Obama wishes to make the controversy go away as quickly as possible as opposed to working for justice for those that might be, and in this case are, wrongly accused.

The white couple in Sherrod’s story were Eloise Spooner and Roger Spooner, a white couple living in Iron City, Georgia.

As The Atlanta Journal-Constitution explains, far from feeling that they had been discriminated against, the Spooners praised Sherrod’s efforts, claiming that she saved them from bankruptcy.

The Spooners said that they consider Sherrod a “friend for life” and that she “worked tirelessly to help” them save their farmland.

I understand Fox News, and I refuse to link to them, would like nothing better than to embroil the administration in as many fake controversies as it possibly can and then to keep them in front of the public for as many news cycles as possible.

But, somewhere along the way, either as a parent standing up for your children, or as a supervisor, standing up for your subordinates, the Obama people should have learned that unfounded attacks come with the territory and if you want to keep good people, you must back them up when they have done no wrong.

Shame on you Agriculture Sec Vilsack.

Shame on you President Obama.

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