Does John Boehner Hate America?

One good thing about human beings in general and Americans in particular is that in an emergency, they respond.  They help.  They work to solve the problem.  And if you remember back to the days immediately following the collapse of the twin towers there were thousands of first responders, construction workers and others trying to save lives and clean away debris.

And the federal government in the form of the Environmental Protection Agency said the air was safe to breathe.

It wasn’t.  The EPA lied.  Now people are still sick from working at, or very near, Ground ZERO.

We should be helping these heros.  Instead we have the Republican leadership in the House saying that the United States cannot afford to care for those whose health problems arose by responding.

Calling the Sept. 11 Health and Compensation Act a new “entitlement program” like Medicare, members of the GOP on the House Energy and Commerce Committee argued the nation already has too much that it must pay for, and making the care of tens of thousands of 9/11 responders mandatory was too much of a burden.

“By making this a new mandatory program, you jeopardize the financial health of the United States of America,” said Rep. Mike Rogers (R-Mich.).

[ snip ]

The bill aims to set up a permanent fund to care for ailing responders at a cost estimated around $11 billion over three decades.

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The whole debate over whether the program should be mandatory or an annual discretionary program misses the point, said Rep. Anthony Weiner, saying it was Congress’ obligation to help the people who answered the call almost nine years ago. And, he noted, the health fund could not be an endless and growing entitlement like Medicare.

“There’s a finite number of people,” Weiner said. “That finite number of people is getting smaller and smaller every day because they’re dying.”

New Yorkers in the crowd were not impressed with the opposition.

“They always say the support us, but it’s all about cost,” said Jim Slevin, the vice presdent of the Uniformed Firefighters Association.

I really must ask, “Why do Republicans hate working people so much?”

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