This morning, I went to a “meet and greet” held at a local coffee house for the man running against John Boehner, Minority Leader, in Ohio’s 8th CD.  While there, I picked up a yard sign with the candidates name, Justin Coussoule on it.  On both sides, actually.

I get home before 10 AM and immediately put it in the lawn where it can be seen by passing motorists.  I press the metal legs over a foot into the ground.

Less than three hours later, as I’m leaving the house, I notice the plastic sleeve like material is turned inside out and the inverted-U shaped metal frame is out of the ground and twisted and bent.

It leaves me wondering if the Boehner supporters are worried that their guy might be vulnerable?

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One Comment on “Vandalism”

  1. jacqrat Says:

    No doubt that was some slimy weasel who likes to have a rep that looks after wall street and lobbying firm’s concerns instead of the citizens of OH-08.

    I hope you fixed that sign right away – and went to Home Depot to buy a huge spotlight to shine on it all hours of the night as well!

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