I Cannot Find

this video on the web, even though I can get to the web sites that paid for it.

This appeared as an advertisement, at least in the Dayton, Ohio market, at the 22 minute mark to The Rachel Maddow Show on 27 August.

I would love to link to the video, but am unable to.  It was paid for by Blue America and Americans for America, Blue America, crooksandliars.com and AmericansforamericaPAC.com.  If you find a copy, please let me know.

On Page 1

Annual Golf Rounds


SOURCE: Golf Digest, Oct 1, 2005, p. 130

Page 2

Golf Expenses


SOURCE: Politico, Nov 24, 2009.  Figure is total spent by leadership PAC on golf events.

Page 3

Membership at all male golf club:


SOURCE:  USNews.com 1/12/06

“Rep John Boehner’s Other Handicap”

Page 4

Special Interest Travel, Including Golf Junkets


SOURCE: leglstorm.com\trip.html

Figure is total privately funded travel over 10 years.

Page 5

Raising the retirement age to 70 and voting to end unemployment benefits:


SOURCES: youtube.com\PittsburgTrib (retirement age),  OhioProgress.com (unemployment)

Page 6

For those who want an out of touch golfer for a congressman, there’s John Boehner.

Page 7

For everyone else there’s

Justin Coussoule

Vote Coussoule on Nov 2.

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2 Comments on “I Cannot Find”

  1. jacqrat Says:

    Hi Chief,

    You can find the video, titled “Priceless” here:

    You can also find Blue America’s latest video, titled “Priceless 2-Taxes” at:

    To help keep these ads running in OH-08, please ask your readers to “Chip in” at:

    Please find us on Facebook: facebook.com/BlueAmerica

    Hope this helps!

  2. jacqrat Says:


    could you please email me at my email address? It’s in my log-in information. I want to talk to you about the ad you saw on August 27 in the Dayton area.



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