Can this be believable

I’m not going to go real deep or very long on this.

If you want to believe in one God or more than one God, that is your business.  In the One God arena there are three major religions.  The oldest is Judaism, with Christianity being about  1980 years old and Islam, at the youngest, a mere 1380 or so years old.

I understand that both Judaism and Islam were/are a set of beliefs designed to keep a people together.  A set of rules.

What I cannot possible fathom are the myths that are attached to the beginnings of Christianity.

First is the virgin birth.  This tale pre-dates the Common Era by at least a full millennium.  Arcturo goes off to war and upon returning home ten years later, he is told that the four year old boy is the result of Zeus or Apollo impregnating his wife.  And do you really think you’d believe that if your wife told you that today?

Second is the whole concept of the resurrection.  Way beyond my ability to comprehend that line of bullshit.

Were people that gullible and/or stupid to fall for that crap nineteen hundred years ago?

Glen Beck is proving every day that they still are.

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