I just sent this to the White House in response to my feeling on the Catfood Commission Deficit Commission

So there is a “Deficit Commission.”

Well, I see a contract here.  It may not be legally binding, but as a social contract, the deal was, I work ‘X’ number of years, my employer and I each contribute about 6.5 percent of my pay into a fund, and when I retire, I get ‘Y’ amount of money each month.  I upheld my part of the deal, working for over 45 years.  I expect to get my ‘check’ direct deposited every month.

Also, I made another deal with the gov’t.  This one perhaps a little more legally binding.  Uncle Sam said if you serve your country in the military for 20 or more years, you’ll get free medical care and a ‘check’ deposited every month in your account.

The Gov’t has already reneged on the free health care.  Until I became old enough to be covered under Medicare, Tricare only paid 75 % of the allowed charges, and if the Doc didn’t want to settle for that, as a retired military member, I was screwed.

Now, Who did not enter into a contract with the Gov’t.  Well, the Department of Defense spends more money each year than all the rest of the world’s defense budgets.  In my opinion, it is time for some drastic cuts in defense spending.

Get out of Germany.
Get out of Japan incl Okina

Get out of Japan incl Okinawa.
Get out of Iraq, incl the 50,000 still there.
Get out of Afghanistan.
Get rid of another 15,000 nukes.
And Stop buying expensive toys for the admirals and generals.

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