Intelligence and Intellect With A Dash of Youth

With this post Maha pointed her readers to this insightful and wonderful sermon by delivered by James Ishmael Ford at the First Unitarian Church Providence,  Rhode Island.  Like Maha says, “This is a recommended read.”  I have read it and I whole-heartedly agree.

But that is not the reason for this post.  In any group, I do not mind being the “dumbest” person in the room.  If I am able to surround myself with smart people, I know I will learn.  Sometimes I will learn a lot.  And because I have twice as many ears as I have mouths, I need to listen twice as much as I speak.  And this is the way the blogging community works.  I read people such as Kathy or Maha or Glenn Greenwald or Kevin Drum or any of a group of progressive bloggers and I come away a more complete person.

And surrounding yourself with folks that are ten to twenty years your junior, age-wise, will keep you young.

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