How’d We Get Here – One Reason

For several decades I was rather isolated from young people.  Mainstream teenage-to-twenty-somethings were not in my circle of daily activities.

Surprise, maybe shock, was the feeling when I was substitute teaching.  The students at the JVS, by and large, are not capable of making good decisions.

I do not know how or why this phenomenon has occurred.  Does it correspond to an erosion of earnings in the middle class?  Is it caused by their parents that never went through the crucible of hard times?

The biggest manifestation is not the clothing nor the body piercing.  In a relatively short time, those items can disappear.

No, I find the body art, if you will, tattoos, to be the item that manifestly displays the lack of sound decision making.

First, they cost a lot of money.  Second, you can’t wash them off, they are permanent.   And thirdly, when the tattoo is thirty or so years old, it will be faded and on saggy skin.

And it is the decision making with which I am writing.  Saving to buy a house.  Putting money back for your kids education.  Whoa, that was a mistake.  They need to be working on their own education.  Some may have an associate degree. A somewhat higher percentage have a high school diploma.  The rest – dropouts.

By the time they are in their twenties, they have children and pay rent to a slumlord.  And they are trapped.  It isn’t that they feel helpless.  They end up like all their friends because they picked the wrong friends to start with.

They are on the outside looking in with no concept of how to change things.

And this, this dumbing down of the lower middle class, is one of the reasons that the United States is losing the Democracy we inherited after World War Two.

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