Maybe I am unnecessarily gloomy.  I really do hope so.  But the ‘arc’ is not bending towards justice but towards a two-tiered society.  Five percent very wealthy and 95% poor.

It is too late. Maybe if the Brooks Bros people hadn’t stormed the doors and the Florida recount had gone on with a Gore victory, things might be different.


But I doubt it.  The take-over of our political system by the large corporations is well past the tipping point.

Did it start 50 years ago as that great wasteland, network television, became uber-popular or with the “Reagan Revolution” I do not know.  But we, as a nation, have been going downhill for a long time.

Obama has been too timid and the folks he hired (Geithner, Summers, Holder et al) are owned by the corporate power structure.

It is too late to change whatever needs changing (SCOTUS – Citizens United), so I just hope they don’t mess up my Social Security as long as I’m alive.

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One Comment on “Gloomy”

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