I Wonder

The house we currently live in and bought and moved into about 4 years ago was built in 1967.  It is a standard ranch with three bedrooms, brick veneer, one story with a large addition that was added in 1987.  Brick is great.  Low maintenance and as I rapidly approach the beginning of my eighth decade on old mother earth, I really appreciate low maintenance.

But, the gable ends are not brick.  Now I don’t know if the material they used for the gable ends was the best available, or if it was built on the cheap.  I’d opt for the later.

Anyway, the gable ends are deteriorating and the previous owner covered a lot of problems with caulking and paint.  I could wait no longer, I had to undertake the job of taking off the material that was there and replacing it with vinyl siding, a product with which I am comfortable working.

I end was covered by a twelve inch high by one-quarter inch thick fiber board with an inch and a half overlap.  As we took the fiber board off we found a nest/colony of ants.  Relatively small ants.  And I, a nasty old librul, just up and destroyed their world.  Ants were scurrying in all directions.  Home had disappeared and I guess they were looking for it.

A couple of hours later I was taking nails out of the fiber board and the ants were still running around even though I’d moved them thirty feet from their form home on the side of the house.

And, I wondered, “Is this how those older white folks feel about what has happened to their country?”  Are they scurrying about wondering what happened while they were at the corner bar having a few brews or watching any number of mind-numbing sit-coms such as “Three’s Company” or “Different Strokes.”  While they were bitching about having to work 40 hour weeks some folks were paying their dues by going to school on their own while still holding down a full time job.

So, now all they can do is complain about  how they lost their job, there are too many minorities in the country, blacks are gittin’ everythin’ and them gay folks, well why can’t they be ‘normal?’

These little uninformed ‘ants’ will be able to vote their ignorance in November and, while their fears may be real to them, they do not have a clue as to how they have been and continue to be manipulated.

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