It’ll Never Happen

but I can dream.  From the HuffPo is this piece.  Technically, DeFazio may call it perjury.  In reality, Roberts is out of step with 95% of the country.  He is not applying the law evenly.  He ignores the wording of the Constitution to get to the conservative opinion he wants.  The decisions we are now getting from the Supreme Court are as horrible as Dred Scott v. Sandford and Plessy v. Ferguson.


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3 Comments on “It’ll Never Happen”

  1. jonolan Says:

    You’re right; the Citizens United ruling was as the Dredd Scott ruling which is to say that it was a the CORRECT ruling. Americans can only hope that the trend towards proper action by the SCOTUS and the judicial branch in general continues.

    That, of course, is not to say that the laws and circumstances addressed by those rulings were right and good; it is only to say that the rulings followed legal and constitutional principles of long standing.

    Remember, properly the Court must rule in favor of a horrible law if it is Constitutional and against the finest intentioned of laws if it isn’t.

  2. Chief Says:

    So, I assume that you feel that a corporation should have the same ‘freedom of speech (money = speech)’ as a flesh & blood human being, right?

  3. jonolan Says:

    I think that the FEC’s laws concerning what can be aired on radio or television during an election cycle were irresponsibly vague and a violation of the 1st Amendment because they setup a prior restraint on such speech and placed the burden of proof upon the broadcaster instead of the FEC.

    Look past the Liberals anti-American bullshit and read the case and laws in question. This has nothing to do with funding campaigns at all.

    Lets fantasize that Martin Sheen decided to run for POTUS. Under the law prior to Citizens United, it would have been illegal to air an episode of West Wing – or any of his movies – during the election cycle or even show an ad or trailer for them.

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