Open Letter to President Obama

At your presser yesterday, you said that you took responsibility for a catastrophe of monumental proportions.  And you said you wanted to find common ground in order to solve the nation’s problems.

Now, I do not know what lesson you think you have learned.  I know that anyone that has graduated from Harvard Law is one pretty smart person.  So, I am going to assume that even though you know it may not be politically popular, you know what the real problem was and what you need to do to solve it.

But, just in case your advisors are out in right field somewhere, I will tell you why Nancy Pelosi will not be the Speaker in January.

A lot of people read “The Audacity of Hope.”  And for part of 2007 and all of 2008, the citizenry believed.  And they voted.  For you.  The citizenry saw so many lies, so much distortion for eight years under the previous administration and they so much wanted to believe that you would bring honesty to Washington.

They wanted to believe that.

They were tired of seeing the Constitution trashed and of Big Government doing anything it wanted – with impunity.

And they witnessed the “town hall disruptions” during the Congressional recess in August 2009.  And they saw billionaires financing astro-truf groups.

And they wondered where was the guy that wrote “The Audacity of Hope.”   Where was that guy on the white steed riding to the defense of the little guy.

He was AWOL.  Absent.  With.  Out.  Leave.

As evidenced by the 2008 Presidential election, there are always going to be some voters that don’t like you.  Some are out-and-out racists.  Some think your name, Barack Hussein Obama is not an “American” name and therefore you are not a “real” American.

In reality, you probably cannot do much to change their minds.

Now, I appreciate the fact that it doesn’t look good for the President to be seen losing battles to Republicans and large interest groups such as the health insurance industry and the pharmaceutical lobby.

But, and now we are approaching the reason why the Democrats lost so much on November second, you did not appear to be putting up enough of a fight to help the people who voted for you.

I know the Wall Street ‘bailout’ was passed on your predecessor’s watch.  But you appointed Summers and Geithner whom the public perceives as part of the problem.

The public doesn’t care that much about “extra ordinary rendition” or “black hole prisons.”  They care about their job, about getting gouged by lenders, about the value of their house with all the foreclosures taking place.

But all the voter has seen, for the last twenty-one months, is a President who wants to make nice with the minority party in Congress.  Like the turtle, you pulled your head inside your shell.

And they were tired of that.  They wanted a fighter on their side.  Someone who would stand up for them in a sea of corporate greed.  Someone who could make the argument that taxes are not evil, but a necessity in any modern nation.

It is not too late.  But unless you stand up to the Republicans and the Tea Partiers, you second two years will be viewed as the ‘lame duck’ part of your one term as president.

And, yes, I voted on November second.  All Dems.  And every one, from Governor Strickland down through Justin Coussoule, lost.


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