Society – Regulation

Probably a very long time ago, maybe 5 million or so years ago, pre-hominids formed into families or clans or bands or tribes or whatever you want to call them.  Somewhere along the way, they decided there was both safety in numbers and enhanced hunting ability.  But as they had this clan, they found that they had to have rules.  I don’t know what rule would have come first – perhaps don’t steal your brothers food.

Most rules were common sense rules such as males travel far in pursuit of meat, females take care of the young and gather berries & fruit.

Anyway, the point is, each group adopted certain rules that they decided were best for their well-being.  A group that lived without the rules or outside the established norm, may have prospered in the short-term but would eventually fail in the long term.

Nothing has changed from then to now except what we call the clan or tribe.  Today we call it ‘society.’  And we have rules or laws or regulations.  And they are designed for the long term good of the society or country.

And most members of society understand the need for rules.

So, when you are flat fed up with some stupid regulation,  just remember, it is there to protect the whole society.

UPDATE:  The more I think on this  SOCIETY is just shorthand for saying REGULATION.

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