Disappoint 2

As I surf the web between husbandly tasks (Mrs. Chief keeps me hopping), I find at the New York Times an interesting piece.

“It’s not perfect, but this compromise is an essential step on the road to recovery,” Mr. Obama said. “It will stop middle-class taxes from going up. It will spur our private sector to create millions of new jobs, and add momentum that our economy badly needs.”

This is pure bull-shit.  The billionaires have had ten years to create jobs.  They have no interest in creating even one job.  The billionaires just want their companies to outsource jobs to China and southeast Asia and increase their profits.

And personally, I do not care if my taxes go up a wee bit when the Bush cuts expire.

And with everyone so worried about the Federal deficit

The package would cost about $900 billion over the next two years, to be financed entirely by adding to the national debt, at a time when both parties are professing a desire to begin addressing long-term fiscal imbalances.

That’s my great-grand-children that is going to be paying this new debt off.  And after we increase our unfathomable obligations, will the Rethugs vote, in April 2011, to increase the debt ceiling?  Really?  Ya think so?

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