Actually, I’m beyond being disappointed by President Obama.  Dozens, maybe hundreds, of times he has caved on an issue that would benefit the citizen on Main Street, in favor of a decision that helps the uber-Billionaires.

And now, a tax cut for the top 2%.  It’ll cost the U.S. about 2 TRILLION borrowed dollars to finance that tax cut.  Un-fuckin-conscionable.

POTUS may be ( ? ? ? ) smarter than his predecessor in book learning, but he has no political smarts.  In the last 23 months, he has repeatedly taken excellant  negotiating positions “off-the-table” before negotiations even started and then moved even farther to the right.

From RawStory a quote by Senator Sanders (D-VT)

“I think it is an absolute disaster and an insult to the vast majority of the American people,” Sanders told Schultz, adding that Democrats opposed to the deal “are right. We’re talking about social justice. They’re talking about more tax breaks for billionaires who don’t need it.”

The piece goes on to say (my ems)

Whether Sanders can be persuaded to not try to block the bill remains unclear: Vice President Joseph Biden is scheduled to attend Senate Democrats’ luncheon Tuesday to defend the agreement, which Obama cut in secret talks with the GOP.

Secret.  Talks.  He didn’t have the smarts or the courtesy to include the legislative leaders from his own party?  A party that still controls both houses of Congress?

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