Surprise ! ! Repubs Can Govern

Yesterday’s newspaper.  Most folks just throw ’em away.  A few use them to line the bottom of their bird cage.  Here in the Chief’s Quarters, Mrs. Chief and I use old newspapers (many layers thick) to line the bottom of a closet in which we keep the kitty box.

And, as I was cleaning the kitty boxes and closet today, a headline, below the fold, from the 23 June 2010 edition of The Daily Standard, Celina, Ohio caught my eye.

Before the headline, let me say that first, Celina is at the extreme northern boundary of the incoming House Speaker’s (John Boehner) district.   They have voted Republican for decades and winning the primary is the same as winning the General Election.  There are no Democrat office holders in this part of Ohio.

The Headline and sub-headline:

Celina council passes restaurant grease resolution: Treating food-related waste costly, wastewater plant official says

Now, remember that all members of the city council, including the mayor are Republicans

CELINA – An ordinance to strengthen regulations for business that use interceptors to contain grease, oil and grit was approved by council members during a special meeting Monday night.


City officials wanted the changes to the interceptor legislation passed as soon as possible because some city businesses are preparing to put in new interceptors.

“What’s here (new ordinance) is a result of their (business officials) input and our input,” Safety Service Director) Bachelor said.


The changes address what wastewater treatment plant superintendent Kerry Duncan has said is an ongoing problem.  Excess food related waste, due to unclean interceptors, often requires water officials to apply costly degreasers.

The old law said that all grease, oil and sand interceptors shall be inspected quarterly and cleaned as often as necessary to retain the waste material.  The new legislation says interceptors of all food service establishments must be pumped out completely once every 12 weeks and under sink and in-line grease traps must be cleaned completely at least every four weeks.

Some businesses have complied with the cleaning in the past, but others have not.  Duncan said at a past meeting.  He pointed out that officials at one business didn’t even know where the interceptors were, which the city later determined had not been emptied for two years.

Other rules under the new legislation are:  any dishwasher equipped with booster heaters and/or using water in excess of 140 degrees cannot pass through any interceptor with less than a 1,000 gallon capacity;  site plans of any additions or renovations to existing  interceptors must be submitted to the city after being signed and sealed by a state-certified engineer;  and food service establishments in new buildings must install an interceptor outside the building with a minimum capacity of 1,000 gallons and must conform to city design specifications unless a varience is issued.

The waste water treatment facility for Celina, Ohio was spending an inordinate amount of money treating the water.  The average household was subsidizing the restaurants.  I think that this legislation makes for good governance because everyone has roughly the same level of waste in their waste-water.

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