Extravagance.  Excess would be another word.  Mrs. Chief and I watched part of the Rose Parade this morning and early afternoon.  I counted at least six high school marching bands, most of which had over 300 members, plus an uncountable (be me) number of floats.

How can that extravagance go on in the middle of a Economic Depression?  The home foreclosure rates have hit an all time high.  Real unemployment is approaching 20%.  The Republican governors are talking about reducing or eliminating the retirement pay for retired state workers.

And we dare show that kind of wasteful spending by the “City of . . .” or the Mustang Ranch Owners Association.

I know the counter argument that moving three or four thousand high school muscians from their home in New Hampshire or St. Louis, with motel bills et al, is stimulative to the economy.

And what about the people whose unemployment insurance ran out


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