Only In The U. S. of A.

This falls under the  “You Can’t Make This Stuff Up” category.  Found in an email from is an enlightening story  by Ray Moynihan and Barbara Mintzes titled

Pharma’s New Sales Pitch to Women: If You Aren’t Horny, It’s ‘Sexual Dysfunction’ — Try These Pills

The story goes on to say

Before the drug testing could go into full swing, however, there was a problem that needed to be addressed. As Stephens tells it, in order to get a drug formally approved and have insurance companies pay for its use, it has to be shown to work against a specific medical condition: ‘The whole thing is kind of complicated because you have to have a disease before you can treat it.’

The difficulty with FSD was that no one was really certain exactly what the condition was, and some people even questioned whether it existed at all. So part of Vivus’s role, Darby Stephens explained, was to sit down with the experts, the ‘thought leaders’ in the field, and work with them directly on developing this new dysfunction in order to be clearer about what it was. During her frank interview, she revealed that in the ‘process of defining the disease, we’ve been able to get thought leaders involved in female sexual dysfunction, and really work closely with them to develop this disease entity, so that it makes sense’. Her comments were made at a time when drugs for male sexual dysfunction had already been approved, and billions of dollars’ worth were set to sell every year.

 First, I question whether Mother Nature designed women to have the same level of sex drive as men have.  This campaign seems to be aimed at making women feel to be an inferior sex partner if they do not use this product.  I am all for anyone engaging in sexual activity to enjoy the process and be satisfied.

Bottom line: As we age our bodies change.

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