I see someone else, in print, calling for an increase in taxes for the wealthy.  I don’t know how much brains it takes to figure out that if taxes are cut and defense spending is allowed to go up, then funding for infrastructure and pensions will be cut or eliminated or worse.

State budgets are severely under funded.  States currently cannot declare bankruptcy.  State and local governments are laying off people and that includes  public safety (police, firefighters and EMTs)folks and school teachers.

Bridges and roadways are falling apart, deteriorating much faster than they are being repaired.  Bridges that were estimated to have a 50-year-life are at or very near the end of that time and no plans are in place to repair or replace them.

It is time to institute a progressive tax that has an increasing marginal tax rate.  Hedge fund managers that earn several BILLION dollars a year should pay a much higher tax rate than the cop on the beat.


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