Why Are We So Dumb

From Scott Horton’s “No Comment”:

With Gillard’s announcement, Australia now joins Britain, Germany, Poland, Spain, and Italy among the nations now conducting formal investigations into CIA renditions operations on their soil or involving their government personnel. Torture allegations figure prominently in each case.

The ‘dumb’ in the title isn’t the citizens of the Republic believing the Bush administration.

And, the ‘dumb’ in the title isn’t the citizens of the Republic believing the Obama administration.

The word ‘dumb’ refers to the belief by anybody in either administration that rendition wasn’t going to come back and bite us in the ass.

There had to be many hundreds of people involved in this.  At least seven countries are involved.  Then there are pilots, snatch-n-grab CIA guys, interrogators, clerks, prison guards and who knows how many others.

Every country’s air traffic control system keeps records of all landings, take-offs and overflights.

This just 1. reflects how easy it was to pull the wool over the eyes of a non-curious President and 2. begs the question of where did his successor leave his spine.


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