Where is

Robin Hood?

Or, perhaps better put, “Where is our modern day Robin Hood?”

The myth is that Robin Hood took from the rich and gave to the poor.  There is no proof, no iron-clad documentation that the Robin Hood of the 11th or 12th century was a real, single person.

But the King was all-powerful and not only above the law, the King was the law.  The Kings enforcers were the sheriffs.  The sheriffs were capricious – at best.  And cruel, unjust despots at worst.  Although the sheriffs served at the King’s pleasure, as long as they were loyal to the King, they could do pretty much as they wanted.

Robin Hood may have been a real person.  Or he may have been a compilation of several men over time.  Or he may have been created out of whole cloth to fill a need.

Well, we in America have a need at the beginning of the 21st century.  We have corruption at the top of the money tree in the form of the Koch brothers.  And we have the Koch brother’s minions in the form of governors of the various states:

  • Walker
  • Kasich
  • Snyder
  • Scott
  • Christie
  • Le Page

These are pathetically corrupt ‘sheriffs’ that are cruel, unjust despots.  Their offices’ were bought by the Koch brothers after the Citizens United decision and they are beholden to no one except the Koch brothers.

I see Elizabeth Warren as a protector of the citizenry, a Little John type person. But a Robin Hood, Frances Perkins, or FDR type has yet to appear.

Is there any chance that a modern day Robin Hood will appear on the horizon?

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