Compromise, Compromise

That is all we see.  The Prez and the Senate Dems trying to compromise with the radical, right-wing Tea Partiers.  And the right-wing Tea Partiers want more.  What ever the Prez and the Senate Dems offer, it is not enough.  The Tea Partiers want more.

Reminds me of back in the 1930s when Hitler demanded and got.

  • 1936 – Germans occupy Rhineland.
  • 1938 –
    Hitler marches into Austria; political and geographical union of Germany and Austria proclaimed.  Britain, France, and Italy agree to let Germany partition Czechoslovakia.

When will the Dems stand up for their base?

When is someone going to care about the middle class, about the folks living on East Main Street, about those living in the rural parts of the U.S. of A?

It is long past time for the Dems to insist on closing tax loopholes.  Do we really need a company like General Electric, who made a profit of $5.1 Billion in the U.S., get a $3.2 Billion tax credit?  From Campaign for America’s Future

So not only did GE, the highly-profitable recipient of federal contracts and bailout money, not pay taxes, we paid them $3.2 billion!

I need my Senator Sherrod Brown to stand up for the folks that get their hands dirty while working.

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One Comment on “Compromise, Compromise”

  1. […] sent this as an email to Senator Sherrod Brown, (D – OH) who represents me in the U.S. […]

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