First, a definition  is in order so there is no confusion.

par·a·sit·ism n
1.  parasitic behavior: symbiosis in which one organism lives as a parasite in or on another organism

1.  organism living on another: a plant or animal that lives on or in another, usually larger, host organism in a way that harms or is of no advantage to the host

Encarta ® World English Dictionary © & (P) 1998-2005 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved.

There are many examples in the body public, but I will use one of the biggest, if not the biggest U.S. company, as an example.

All the Services For Which GE refuses to Pay.

General Electric, the maker of jet engines and light bulbs.  Part-owner of NBC television, ya, remember the Peacock and how many more big and bigger companies.  Well. GE did not pay one penny of taxes to the U.S. federal government last year.  Of course, GE was taking advantage of all the benefits of being in the U.S.A. I’m sure if the terrorists attacked GE, the U.S. government would defend them.  And if there was a fire in one of their plants the local fire department would put it out.  An if there was a robbery, the police would work to apprehend the guilty party.

If GE has a problem with vermin, let them hire their own pest control services.  If their employees get sick, GE must pay the Emergency Room costs.

Well none of the above is going to happen, that is why I titled this post “Parasitism.”  Because GE and at least another one hundred companies in the S&P 500 paid absolutely no U.S. federal income taxes.  Some companies such as Bank of America have not paid for two years, yet got bailed out to the tune of $45 Billion.  So these companies use the infrastructure that we all pay for.  Note: I recognize that these companies pay property taxes which does, in fact, pay for some of the services listed above.

It is called parasitism because these companies feed off of services we pay for and they pay nothing for them.

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