To Senator Sherrod Brown

I sent this as an email to Senator Sherrod Brown, (D – OH) who represents me in the U.S. Senate.

Below is Sen Brown’s response:

Thank you for getting in touch with me to express your frustration with the ability of the minority in the United States Senate to frustrate the will of the majority.  I can certainly appreciate your frustration; it is shameful that a few members of the Senate have delayed or thwarted legislation needed to protect the unemployed from poverty, prevent massive teacher lay-offs, and address other issues critical to the wellbeing of Americans.
I support measures that would help address blatant abuse of the legislative process in the Senate, while still protecting the critical role the Minority plays in representing the ideological diversity of our nation.  For example, I support legislation that would end the ability of Senators to place holds on bills or nominees in secret.  Requiring members to announce and defend their decision to block Senate activity is one way of reducing the abuse of Senate rules.
While the powers invested in the Senate Minority serve an important role in our democratic process, the rules of the Senate must not undermine the ability of government to serve the best interests of the American people.  I will continue to advocate for policies that promote this delicate balance.
Sherrod Brown
United States Senator
My response:
Dear The Honorable Senator Brown,
Regarding the first sentence of your reply, I seem to recall that the Senate Majority Leader, The Honorable Senator Reid, of Nevada, had the opportunity to solve that problem just two months ago.  Instead he took the Minority Leader’s word to keep some kind of collegiality in the Senate.

From my perspective, that is not looking like a real good decision.

Very Respectfully,

And so it goes.  Actually, I do respect Sen. Brown quite a bit.  I believe that he has integrity and is basically honest.

He and a small handful of Dem Senators.  But I have to try and hold their feet to the fire.  I need to let them know that somebody on the (far?) left is paying attention.

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