When it comes to politicians that get elected, how many of their campaign promises should they keep, or how many are they allowed to break, before their supporters are allowed to speak up, expressing somekind of disappointment?

We certainly should know that they will not keep all of their promises.  As sentient beings we have to realize that there will be practical political constraints.

But, after eight years of a doofus who could not even get into the U. of Texas law school and only got an MBA b/c his parents donated big bucks to Harvard, we finally had a president who could inspire.
Then-Senator Obama did not get those millions of small donations b/c he was a nice guy.  No, he got people to donate because he made them believe.  After being in a mental wasteland for eight years, many people were inspired to donate both money and time to get him elected and showed up on election day to see it done.  And he had the 18 – 30 year old vote.  Young people, college students worked for him to get out the vote.

But, when President Obama seems to agree with the Catfood Commission, when he does not stand up for heating assistance for the elderly poor, he begins to create a group of people that are not inspired and come November 6, 2012 are going to stay home.

Main Street is dying.  The foreclosure problem has not abated. Everything that the Repugs do is designed to make the last pargraph come true.  The Repugs want to discourage as many Dems a possible so the turn-out will be small and make it more difficult with voter ID rules on the ones that do show up at the polls.
I am not so much ambivalent as I am just flat out disappointed.  In my 70 + years, I have seen a lot, but I have never felt so discouraged, so depressed about the future.  If you think Walker & Kasich are outliers, you ain’t paying attention.  They (the Koch Bros) want to win at all costs.  President Obama wants to be post partisan. It’s like bringing a table knife to a gun battle.

I have a long and growing list of the things POTUS has done that I can’t figure out why.  The list does not only contain campaign promises – broken.  It contains disappointments created after he was inaugurated.

Closing Gitmo, trials in federal courts and Dawn Johnson can serve as representative examples.

FDR is given credit with the following, “I agree.  Now go out and make me do it.”  Which I interpret to mean that FDR wanted advocates to get the public to pressure him.

Is this the challenge that progressives face?


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