What Is Going On?

He was rather slight of stature.  He came over to the house to help one of my grandsons who was helping me put vinyl siding on the gable ends of our house. When the job was done I paid them both.

And he wanted to buy our ‘99 Merc Grand Marquis.  We agreed on a price but he wanted to pay me monthly and I told him to save up his money and pay me all at once.  Actually, he didn’t look none to prosperous.  No job and a wife or girlfriend, don’t recall which, and two kids.

The next time I see the fella is yesterday on the front page of the local newspaper, under the heading,

Bradford Man Pleads Guilty To Sex Charges.

The article started,

A Bradford man faces up to a decade in prison after he entered guilty pleas to a pair of molestation felonies Wednesday in common pleas court that will require him to register as a sexually-oriented offender for at least 15 years, possibly for the rest of his life.


Was convicted of two counts of gross sexual imposition, third-degree felonies that each carry a prison term of between 1 and 5 years in prison.


Molested a female child under the age of 13 on at least two occasions.

The word I get is that he was raised by his grand-parents as his parents were druggies, time in jail.

Why did I post this?  Because this is far too common.  There was another one in the paper today.  Man arrested for having child pornography.

Is this a new (last 25 years) phenomenon?  I don’t recall this being so prevalent in the 50s or 60s.

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