We’ve Become

Well, to be honest, I’m not sure what we’ve become.  Complacent?  Not devious enough? Maybe just plain tired?

Anyway, the corporatists/plutocrats keep working overtime to find new ways to hood-wink and subject us to ruin.

This is way beyond anything that the Ol’ Chief could ever dream up (my bolds).

 This same Emergency Manager was a graduate from a foundation that promotes corporate school reform and also pays around a third of his six-figure salary. The Emergency Manager has the power to break union contracts, layoff teachers, and open charter schools that benefit the same foundation that is so heavily invested in the Emergency Manager’s career.

This is nothing short of a coordinated effort between the billionaire foundations pushing school reform and Tea Party conservatives intent on slashing benefits and ending collective bargaining rights. Public schools are under assault by the forces of privatization, and public school teachers face benefit and salary cuts while the very rich are promised tax cuts. Similar efforts are underway in Florida and Wisconsin.

I thought that the reason we have public education is so the business community will have a supply of potential workers who will be able to read & write and perform the job.

I shoulda realized with all the jobs going overseas, we don’t need a supply of workers who can read & write, hence get rid of the schools and teachers.

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